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ViaTherm Therapeutics LLC is a developer and manufacturer of therapeutic, deep-heating solutions for management of pain associated with injuries and aging. Our products use shortwave diathermy technology licensed from and developed by the U.S. Navy, originally for its deep-sea divers and SEAL team members.

VIVY is currently an investigational device only and is not yet available for sale in the U.S.A.


VIVY™ will be the world’s first consumer diathermy deep-heat therapy system.

Finally – the deep heat treatment used in physical therapy clinics will be available for home use!

Diathermy creates heat deep in the muscle to increase circulation and oxygen delivery to the injured area. This relieves pain, eases muscle tension and improves joint mobility.

Therapeutic levels of deep heat stimulate hemodynamic, metabolic, and neuromuscular processes to speed healing.

VIVY is an investigational device – not yet available for sale in the usa. Users must read and understand the instructions for use and contraindications prior to using diathermy heat therapy. After a heat therapy session, vivy must not be used again for two hours.

  • deep-heat-lgREBOUND®

    ReBound was our first breakthrough in portable diathermy innovation. This powerful, pain management system has been used by physical therapy clinics and professional sports teams to deliver deep heat to injured tissues.

  • deep-heat-lgBOOST™

    We re-engineered diathermy technology to create the first low-powered, ultra-portable deep heat system to be cleared by the US FDA as a consumer device for home use.

  • deep-heat-lgVIVY™

    When cleared, VIVY will represent the next generation of ultra-portable, deep heat diathermy devices for home use or travel. VIVY is the smallest, easiest and most efficient way to deliver diathermy deep heat to muscles and joints.

  • deep-heat-lgPAIN RELIEF

    Unlike traditional surface heat methods, VIVY’s shortwave diathermy uses high-frequency electromagnetic waves to deeply penetratethe muscle tissues, giving you pain relief where you need it most.

  • mobility-lg


    Moving is easier when muscles work properly, which is why a pre-workout session with VIVY can jump start cold and tense muscles. Its deep heat can help keep soft tissue and muscles flexible, improving your mobility and helping prevent future injuries.

  • portability-lg


    VIVY was designed with portability in mind. Because it is powered by rechargeable batteries, you don’t need a nearby outlet. Simply charge VIVY and take it with you to  the office, gym, couch … anywhere!

  • faster-healing-lg


    VIVY’s shortwave diathermy promotes the natural circulatory processes, thereby accelerating the body’s healing processes. This over-the-counter product allows you to recover the same way as pro athletes and the U.S. Navy Seals.

  • mobility-lg


      With VIVY’s companion app, pain management is smarter and easier. Schedule treatments, track results after every session, get useful information and more!

  • ease-of-use-lg


    Simple controls make using VIVY a snap. Just wrap the garment around the affected area and go. VIVY informs you when the session is over, allowing you to go about your day with relieved pain and better mobility.

  • ease-of-use-lg


    Powerful and addictive pain medications such as opioids address the symptom, not the problem. VIVY can help you manage pain without dangerous medications (while helping the healing process), and may allow people to end their use of pain medications sooner.